HPC Landmark 105 – Dự án HPC Landmark 105 Tố Hữu

Grand architecture

Applying the principle of dynamics to the architecture, effectively utilizing the natural energy to save the utmost artificial energy and designing the living space fresh.


Multi-functional large area

The Manhattan style-inspired apartment creates a sense of large space and claims the class of homeowners.


Prime location

Located in the ideal position of Ha Dong District, directly connecting with the key roads.


Five-star facilities

The synchronization between internal and external facilities and services sincluding spa, gym, swimming pool, water lily lake, school, shopping center, hospital…


Prestigious Investor

Thousands of reputable products are available in the real estate market.


Impressive price

A 5-star luxurious apartment prices only from 27 million / m2


Perfect combination between architecture and nature.

Designed by German architects, HPC Landmark 105 is an exceptional Hanoi-based project that applies aerodynamics into architecture to maximize the use of natural energy. The building is tilted 45 degrees to the surface of the road with the apartments enjoying the Southeast fresh wind. Thanks to wind power, the building will help residents save 35-50% of electricity per month.

In addition, the dynamic principle enables the HPC Landmark 105 to avoid about 50% of the wind force, increasing the sustainability of the building. Reducing the rotation of wind will decrease the erosion of the natural elements of foundation and other building materials such as lime walls, water pipes, technical equipment….


Thanks to modern architecture, all bedrooms, living room and kitchen of apartments are exposed to natural light. The apartment houses from 2 to 3 bedrooms and all apartments have multi-function room, laundry room … in order to meet all needs of residents. In addition, the hall and corridor are constructed with open air, which brings wide space and continuous air circulation to ensure the good health of the residents.

Prime location

HPC Landmark 105 is located at the entrance of Van Khe Urban complex in To Huu Street, directly connecting with key roads towards the centre of Hanoi city such as: BRT bus, Le Trong Tan, Le Van Luong Street, Ring road 3, Ha Dong- Cat Linh overhead railway.

About Project


Hai Phat Thu Do

  • Floor 2, Building CT2, The Pride Complex, An Hung Urban Complex, La Khe Ward, Ha Dong District
  • Website: haiphatthudo.vn
  • Hotline: 094.670.6710
  • Info@haiphatthudo.vn

Real estate agent

Hai Phat Land

  • Floor 2, Building CT2, The Pride Complex, An Hung Urban Complex, La Khe Ward, Ha Dong District
  • Hotline: 094.670.6710
  • Website: www.landmark105.vn
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